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Massachusetts Law of the Day Self Defense
[SC:TopDisclaimer ] Today’s Law of the Day comes from Massachusetts: Did you know in Massachusetts there is a self-defense law? “A person is allowed to act in self-defense. If evidence of self-defense is present, the Commonwealth must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did not act in self-defense. […]

Law of the Day: 4/14/15

By accessing this webpage you agree to’s terms and conditions With a huge snow storm about to descend on the North East we figured we’d bring you a Law of the Day that focused on Boston, MA which is supposed to bear the brunt of the storm. In the […]

Law of the Day: 1/26/2015

Law of the Day
Today’s Law of the Day is a nice list of things that get checked when you bring your car in for an inspection in Massachusetts. 1. Visual Overview Certificate of registration Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) License plate(s) Decal 2. Brake Tests Parking brake Service brake 3. Exhaust System Exhaust system […]

Law of the Day: 12/18/14 ~ What gets inspected?