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Below you will find laws that apply in every state in the United States of America

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Right on red

Allowed everywhere in the USA unless otherwise noted, EXCEPT New York City. In New York City, right on red is ILLEGAL

1) Must come to a complete stop

2) Must give way to pedestrians

3) There must be no sign posted to the contrary (i.e. “no turn on red”)

Move over law

As of 2012, every US state has a law requiring drivers on multi-lane roads to move to the farthest lane away from stopped road workers, police, ambulances, etc.. If moving over is not practical, drivers are required to slow down significantly below the posted speed limit


Drinking age

The legal drinking age is 21 years of age everywhere in the United States


Legal BAC while driving

Every state has a law that requires drivers over 21 to have a blood alcohol content of less than 0.08%

If under 21, BAC should be 0.00 to be safe, but consult state websites to know the law for your area if you are under 21

Minimum age for purchasing firearm

From a Dealer:

Federal gun laws in the United States restrict purchase of a rifle or shotgun from a dealer as well as ammunition for such guns to persons aged 18 and older.

Purchase of a hand gun OR a pistol-gripped long gun without a shoulder stock from a dealer is restricted to persons aged 21 and older.

Private Sale:

Private sales of firearms is much less regulated and may permit persons age 18 and older to obtain hand-guns or pistol grip long guns.

State laws may be more or less restrictive than federal gun laws depending on the state. Federal laws more restrictive than a state’s law would technically supersede the state law but state law enforcement agencies are not obligated to enforce federal gun laws. 

Shipping of a firearm

A firearm may not be shipped inter-state (between two or more states) by individuals who are not licensed firearms dealers.

Tobacco Laws

In the United States, the legal age to purchase, smoke, or possess a tobacco product is 18 years old.

Alabama,  Alaska,  New Jersey and  Utah require one to be 19 years old to purchase tobacco products, some towns in other states have also increased the age to buy tobacco products, some making the age to purchase 21 years old.

The smoking age is 18 years old everywhere in the US but many towns prohibit where you are allowed to smoke.



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